Elaboration of the concept of Local Climate Change Strategies (LCCS’s)

Numerous planning processes will have to be started for the implementation of the Hungarian Climate Change Strategy 2 (NCCS-2), which can be effectively realized on regional, county and local levels. Planning will have to be started on decarbonisation issues (e.g. local energy management, traffic management, facility operation etc.), adaptation issues (e.g. local health service, buildings and critical infrastructure, tourism etc.) and awareness-raising too (e.g. information for the population, the local decision-makers, decision-making advisers). The aim of the project is to establish a methodology for settlements, districts, counties on making complex Local Climate Change Strategies (LCCS’s), ‘compatible’ with the NCCS-2.

A quick test questionnaire will be worked out as part of the project, called the Settlement Adaptation Barometer (SAB). The aim of the SAB is to provide a picture of adaptation, sustainability and resilience issues and perspectives of settlements. The questionnaire consists two parts: a set of general and one of thematic questions. The general part contains questions on the major social, economic and environmental processes, and the expectable local effects of climate change. The thematic investigation consists of detailed questions on selected effects of climate change. The target groups of the SAB are experts responsible for development of settlements or responsible for public utilities and local decision-makers.


Illustration: Nyugat.hu


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